Lets Catch Up

Goodness this absences are starting to annoy me probably as much as you guys!

i don’t have the heart to explain myself as to why i haven’t posted but basically i don’t have much willpower honestly to write in my blog. But i owe it to myself and for my viewers to post more often and i do enjoy it when it come to core of it all.

I currently have a week off from work and its been glorious. I took my daughter out of care for the week so i could spend some much needed time together and i have really enjoyed it. I haven’t felt this sense of enjoyment since i was a stay at home mum when i didn’t work for about 8 months after Josie was born.

I mean it has it quirks thats for sure as in money wise but i am aiming to get my bills payed off so i can hopefully one day in the future be a stay at home mum once again.

We honestly haven’t done that much apart from catching up on housework! It was Josie’s birthday on sunday this week and she is now two years old!!!! Its strange but i think its weird to me that know she can sit in her own seat on a plane- that to me is a scary thought probably because we have flown so much since Josie was born. Its more crazy that the year goes so fast when your a parent and the fact that i am thinking of Christmas already scares me more than anything else really 😛

We also had the joy of a house inspection in this week as well which was rushed getting the house clean after Josie’s party and in general as the house can get quite untidy with a now two year old! I like to see the positives in things and one of the positives that came with the inspection was that the house was so clean! Which means no excuses when it comes to keeping the house clean i suppose!

I have also spent this time working on my photography and my artwork which i will share with you all over the next coming days, i am proud at how far i have come with my paintings and drawings since when i have first started practicing it and that was two years ago so i am pleased at how i have progressed. My photography is also going well and i have picked up some tips from youtube channels regarding this. When i get more confident i will starting sharing tips on my blog.

There is also a are youtube video out and just like my blog i have neglected my youtube channel massively! last year i was posting every weekend but this year i only posted once and that was a couple of days ago! My youtube videos aren’t great in quality as i am still learning how to edit my videos but there is a link to my channel on my socials. Just look for the Youtube symbol on the top right hand side of my blogs 🙂

If you have any suggestions for my blog please let me know, i want to get back into my reading as i enjoyed doing book reviews so i might invest some more time into doing this and as a bonus reading will give me a chance to rest and relax as well 🙂

I have also started to practice my makeup skills…….the journey has been rough with this one and it has been so bad that i might document and dedicate a whole new blog to this subject in particular!

To those followers that have always been there awaiting blog posts i thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sticking by me and for wanting to be apart of my journey- i thank you all internally 🙂


Love you guys



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